Linux Terminal on Windows 10
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Have you ever been stuck with the windows operating system when you wanted to run some bash commands? Probably, you even downloaded some emulators to run your bash commands! Well, in windows 10, Microsoft has included a feature to allow you to install a Linux distro through the Microsoft Windows Store.

NSA reveals Ghidra
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Ghidra is a Software Reverse Engineering (SRE) framework developed by the National Security Agency which was announced during the RSA 2019 conference. NSA has made the tool available as an open source software allowing and accepting contributions from the community. Its functionality is similar to other reverse engineering softwares such as IDA, Binary Ninja, Capstone etc.

Crunch – Create your own wordlist
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Crunch is a wordlist generator useful for password cracking. Sometimes, you don’t want to use large precomputed wordlists and instead you may want to create your own. Crunch is your solution! It is a small but powerful command line tool allowing you to specify the criteria for the wordlists and generate it for you.

Sublist3r – Subdomain enumeration
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Sublist3r is an information gathering tool written in python for subdomain enumeration. This tool uses OSINT or Open Source Intelligence to gather information from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing and so on. The tools is available on GitHub which can be setup by cloning the git repository as below:

cURL – Command line URL tool
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cURL doesn’t stand for command line URL tool but it is one of the tools available for transferring of files seamlessly through the terminal. cURL is considered an abbreviation for Client URL Request Library. cURL supports multiple network protocols allowing to access files through HTTP(S), FTP(S), SCP to name a few.

Hak5 – Trust Your Technolust
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Hak5 is one of the shows/site that I have been following for years. They have been building great tools for the Infosec community since 2005. The famous USB Rubber Ducky, a USB device that mimics a keyboard and enters commands lightning fast, is one of the many products from Hak5 .

Practice for your next certification!
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The information security industry has plenty of recognised certifications. At one point or another, you’ll come across a situation where you have to obtain a security certification. It could either be to enhance your knowledge or as a requirement for a particular job that you are aspiring for. Doing an online research for pursuing a security certification, I came across SkillSet , a website that offers thousands of practice questions for some of the most commonly recognised security certifications.

CrypTool – Fun way to learn Cryptography
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A great application for newcomers as well as for the experienced to learn more about various cryptographic protocols and algorithms. CrypTool provides an intuitive graphical interface to play around with various settings of any cryptographic algorithm. Using the tool, one can understand the importance of key length and choice of characters for any encryption scheme.

About Me
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All about Me

The journey begins…
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Hello there, Thank you for stopping by! 😌 I intend to share my thoughts and learning here to help anyone learn something new or to look at a particular subject from a different perspective. 🧐 β€œIn learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins