Practice for your next certification!

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The information security industry has plenty of recognised certifications. At one point or another, you’ll come across a situation where you have to obtain a security certification. It could either be to enhance your knowledge or as a requirement for a particular job that you are aspiring for.

Doing an online research for pursuing a security certification, I came across SkillSet , a website that offers thousands of practice questions for some of the most commonly recognised security certifications. They provide various membership options, including a basic plan which is free of cost to practice. They offer practice questions for the following certifications:

  • CCNA
  • CEH
  • CHFI
  • CISA
  • CISM
  • CSSA
  • MCSA (Windows Server 2016)
  • Network+
  • PMP
  • Security+

If you are aiming for any of these certifications, then you can give it a go before you sit for your exam. Good luck with that certification! πŸ”–

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