Commando VM – a PenTest distro for the windows users

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Commando Red Team

Commando Blue Team

For long, penetration testers and security enthusiasts have been using tools that are natively built around the linux platform. There are few linux flavours dedicated entirely for this purpose. BackTrack, Kali and Parrot OS are few among them.

FireEye , a Cyber Security Solutions Provider, has released a new product which runs on top of the windows OS to install more than 140 tools including the most popular ones such as Nmap, Wireshark, Burp Suite, Mimikatz, Hashcat etc. Built with both red and blue teamers in mind, the collection of tools include:

  • Active directory tools
  • Command & Control
  • Developer tools
  • Evasion
  • Exploitation
  • Information gathering
  • Networking tools
  • Password attacks
  • Reverse engineering
  • Utilities
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Web applications
  • Wordlists

Although it is built for windows, it is recommended to be installed on a VM rather than the primary OS of your system. A VM with windows 7 service pack 1 or windows 10 is required to install all the tools. After downloading the compressed VM from the GitHub repository, a few Powershell commands will set you up and running with all your favourite tools ready for the next challenge. You can find more about the Commando (COMplete MANDiant Offensive VM) at FireEye’s official blog here . A detailed installation instruction are available on both the blog and the GitHub repo.

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