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  • Hak5 is one of the shows/site that I have been following for years. They have been building great tools for the Infosec community since 2005. The famous USB Rubber Ducky, a USB device that mimics a keyboard and enters commands lightning fast, is one of the many products from Hak5 .

    I recently decided to try out one of their products as I was surprised by its capabilities. With the hope of exploring and learning, I purchased a Bash Bunny, a multi purpose USB attack platform that emulates a keyboard, gigabit ethernet and serial and mass storage. The main difference between a Rubber Ducky and Bash Bunny is speed; the Bash Bunny takes up to 7 seconds to boot up whereas the rubber ducky is plug and pwn. Since I wanted to learn what it could offer, that speed didn’t matter to me. It has been great so far! Playing with the bunny has led me into learning more about bash scripting and powershell.

    Hak5 makes great videos about their tools, linux tips, weekly security news and also has a metasploit playlist! I suggest all security geeks to have a look at their tools πŸ›  and their shows ! If you have already been playing with the bash bunny or the rubber ducky, let me know about your favourite payloads.

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